Stirling Engine Models To Build And Play With

Twin Cylinder Stirling Engine
A lively Twin Cylinder Stirling Engine that runs straight out of the box

Here’s a fine example of the many Stirling Engine Models available for you to build and play with.

This one is obviously a twin-cylinder version that comes ready assembled, so you need to remove it carefully from the box, turn the flywheel over gently to check for free movement, add very small blobs of lubricant on all moving parts other than the pistons, add fuel, light the wicks and rotate the flywheel a few times.

It’ll slowly burst into life and be good for around 20 minutes of running time.

On top of this, it is very inexpensive to buy and also costs virtually nothing to run.


A word of warning, here though.

This model was available from Amazon but is still advertized (click here to check it out) once it is available again (trade wars I believe).


But you can save yourself nearly £20 by clicking the picture or HERE for exactly the same product and be taken to, the Amazon of China, which supplies Amazon with a fair percentage of their stock.

In fact, many individuals use Banggood for dropshipping using Amazon for their advertising, so basically you have perhaps dealt with Banggood before now without knowing it.

Amazon charges extra for their services, either directly or to individuals, so obviously, their price will be higher.

Banggood is not so well known in the West, but they are the equivalent of Amazon in the Australasia area of the world. They also offer free delivery worldwide, so bargains can be found there.

There have been concerns about delivery times and their routing system to various countries, but their aim is to provide products directly to individuals at the lowest price possible and as soon as is practical, which can mean odd delays.



I’m not here to convert you to Banggood, despite the fact I’ve found them great for many purchases.

So, let’s continue with our Stirling Engine Models To Build And Play With…


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