Ready Assembled Model Steam Engines – UK

 Wilesco D 396 – Live Steam Engine Black / Brass

 Includes Radio Controlled System

As you can surmise, this engine is similar to the basic model with a few tweaks to give it more appeal.

It’s a fine working model, but most people use these for display purposes as they certainly catch the eye.

There are a few comments saying the purchasers have had problems with the remote control, but these were fixed by contacting Wilesco directly.

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Next on the agenda, we have three basically similar rollers produced by Wilesco…

The first is a green painted model of ‘Old Smokey’ numbered D365 – better details shown above and this is the least expensive version of these rollers in the UK, but it does come along with the most favourable reviews.

Check it out here…


They are all the same size – just a different appearance, being 34 x 16 x 21.5 cm and the next one is a very appealing engine,  a shiny brass version with beautifully contrasting black paintwork, making it look at home in any display cabinet or on your desk.

However, this live-steam engine, number 366 by Wilesco works just as well as any other Wilesco product.

Check it out here…


Third on the list is the most expensive one of the lot, but why that is, I don’t know.

Details on the ad page are very lacking, but they all seem to appear the same, as has been said.

This one, the Wilesco D368 Roller, has a chrome effect coupled with black paintwork, which gives it some appeal, but to my mind, the brass one is far better for instant attention.

Check it out here


There’s more Ready Assembled Model Steam Engines to come… Be patient – I’m working on it.

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