How To Build A Steam Engine From Scratch – 4

Continuing with How To Build A Steam Engine From Scratch, we move on to an easy part next.  Smokebox Construction   The smokebox on real, full size, live-steam traction engines or rollers provides five main functions: Access to the internal boiler tubes for cleaning purposes. A chamber in which a blast of steam from the […]

How To Build a Steam Engine from Scratch – 3

Please note:  Some of these images are a bit blurred, but they are shown better in the download and printed version of the whole book through this Amazon link. So we now come to part 3 – Building the Tender for PYRTE This is a similar fiddly process as with the firebox, using the same […]

Free Plans for Model Steam Engines

For all you would-be machinists out there and experienced engineers as well, we have sourced many Free Plans for Model Steam Engines from around the internet. Some are beyond the scope of novice builders, like fully complete locomotives that take years to construct. Other simpler engines like wobblers (oscillating engines, whether steam or air driven) […]

Silver Soldering for Beginners

  Silver Soldering for Beginners is relatively straight forward. Silver solder, when applied to a really hot piece of unclean (metal) copper, brass or steel, will just form a blob and will not penetrate where it’s needed, that way not bonding two metal parts together, and when cold it is relatively easily removed. It needs […]

How to Build a Steam Engine from Scratch

For this page of our blog we’ll be using the first chapter from Dad’s book on how to build his steam engine, with others following in due course, although some drawings, dimensions and images may well be left out or unclear – got to get some book-sales somehow… Links will be left at the end […]