Motorized Model Steam Engine Kits

Whether you want a motorized model steam engine in kit form or ready assembled, there are loads to pick from like the twin cylindered one above. This engine is highly suitable as an intricate display piece or as a power source for a model ship, measuring 15 x  7 x 10cm as a packaged unit […]

Compare Amazon and Banggood Prices

OK, Let’s compare prices for the UK and the US between Amazon and Banggood. I’ve got to admit I’m a little bit peeved about this… I’ve chosen a couple of examples I’ve stumbled across to show how much we British have to pay extra for the same product.  This example is a 16 cylinder stirling […]

Make Your Own Stirling Engine Fuel

  I have been asked how I make my own fuel for my Stirling Engines a few times now.   Being a home-made winemaker in my past, I simply brew alcohol up and freeze the liquid to get the alcohol, rather than trying to boil it out of the mash, just to make life easier […]

How A Stirling Engine Works

 Stirling Engines Explained As you look at a simple Stirling engine, you may wonder how on earth it works. How can it provide any sort of power from such a small amount of heat? Could it be perhaps something like your hand or a hot coffee cup that will drive it? What you need to […]

Build Your Own Stirling Engine Kits

  Are Stirling Engine Kits Hard To Build   Are they worth it? I had to find out   To start off, I chose a small, inexpensive Build Your Own Stirling Engine Kit — advertised on as the OEASY Stirling Engine Kit, being a DIY mostly Metal Stirling Engine with a small generator to […]

Stirling Engine Models To Build And Play With

Here’s a fine example of the many Stirling Engine Models available for you to build and play with. This one is obviously a twin-cylinder version that comes ready assembled, so you need to remove it carefully from the box, turn the flywheel over gently to check for free movement, add very small blobs of lubricant […]

How To Build A Steam Engine From Scratch — 5

Now we move onto THE CHIMNEY construction For the chimney, there are two options available to you. One is easy to produce but provides no way for the spent steam from the engine to be concealed as per normal traction engine fashion. For that reason, a steam tube needs to be attached to the rear […]

Free Plans for Model Steam Engines

For all you would-be machinists out there and experienced engineers as well, we have sourced many Free Plans for Model Steam Engines from around the internet. Some are beyond the scope of novice builders, like fully complete locomotives that take years to construct. Other simpler engines like wobblers (oscillating engines, whether steam or air-driven) can […]

Build Your Own Stirling Engine Kits

You want to build your own Stirling engine using kits? And whether you call them Stirling Engines, Atmospheric Engines or Hot Air Engines, there’s not much difference. Just to be awkward though, they have 4 different ways of working, but they are all on the same principle, some more efficient than others. Air is heated […]