Free Plans for Model Steam Engines

For all you would-be machinists out there and experienced engineers as well, we have sourced many Free Plans for Model Steam Engines from around the internet. Some are beyond the scope of novice builders, like fully complete locomotives that take years to complete. Other simpler engines like wobblers (oscillating engines, whether steam or air driven) […]

How To Soften and Anneal Metal

An easy guide on how to soften and anneal metals To define the annealing process in simple terms means to remove any stresses and return material to a soft and workable state, ie. making it more malleable. This is especially so in metals that become work-hardened, like copper and brass, although brass can become very […]

Ready Assembled Model Steam Engines – UK

 Wilesco D 396 – Live Steam Engine Black / Brass  Includes Radio Controlled System As you can surmise, this engine is similar to the basic model with a few tweaks to give it more appeal. It’s a fine working model, but most people use these for display purposes as they certainly catch the eye. There […]

Model Steam Engine Relief Valves

Model Steam Safety Valves – Relief Valves Model steam engine safety valves, or relief valves as they are otherwise known, are needed on live steam boilers to provide a safe working pressure within the boiler. As the pressure builds inside the boiler through the added heat input, the valve (ball) – kept in place usually by […]

Automatic Steam Engine Lubricator

Automatic Steam Engine Lubricators come in many shapes and forms, but the simplest one is the Displacement Lubricator. Displacement lubricators operate in a very simple way, in that initially, when cold, they are nearly full of very thick steam oil – usually in the range from 90 to 140 grade (which will be sitting on […]