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A toasty HOT welcome to


Part built five inch diameter boiler 2011
Pyrte traction engine

The front end of PYRTE the traction engine 2011
A recent boiler PYRTE - ready for work Early construction

Just a few of our recent projects

Loco's, road or hobby steam   -   whatever takes your fancy?

Have you never thought about building your own live steam engine and boiler?

Whether you are into building, watching, tinkering, want to discover live steam or simply play with steam engines, then you should find something here that suits you.

At steamshed.com you will find model engineering related articles, guides, photographs and even plans provided initially by two old hands at model engineering, along with others, plus if any other kind soul wants to contribute, you are more than welcome - just drop us a line.

Inside you will also find many useful tips and tricks on how to build a model steam engine and boiler, whether you are repairing them or building from scratch, with a guide to the tools you will need for this interesting hobby.

Our intention is to convert you from one of the great number of steam-dreamers into a steam-doer; to introduce you to singed eyebrows, cut hands, metal splinters, burnt fingers, oil stained clothes and a whole host of other maladies that make up this wonderful hobby. Why should we be the only ones to have all this pleasure?

Model engineering is really one step up from building the meccano construction sets made for youngsters and is fascinating with huge rewards when you come to fire up your first home-built boiler and engine and you see your own live-steam creation run, it actually runs.

The smell of heated metal and steam oil as you wait for your relief valve to blast is exhilarating as she gives you the signal that she's ready when you open the regulator just a little and watch as everything starts to move almost as if by magic, forcing jets or great clouds of white used steam up into the atmosphere.

Many plans and instructions for these models will be supplied for your perusal quite soon, usually at no cost to yourself, along with trusted suppliers of materials that we do recommend from our years of experience so that you can dip your toe in the water before you decide whether or not to plunge in and build your own live steam engine at home.

Go on...    Give it a try...   Light that fire...   Join us...   Take your first step...

George and Graeme

Drop us a line

We are now on yahoo groups where fellow builders are ready to swap ideas at


Here are some basic videos below posted on Youtube about PYRTE
Others have been posted by different builders.
PYRTE. First trials running on air:
PYRTE. First steam trials with new brass cylinder:
PYRTE. A small run down the road:

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